Monday, January 9, 2012


Oh, hello again blog and readers! I'm sure all five of those who frequent here missed my posts oh-so-much (hi Mom). Ken challenged me to make some tangible resolutions this year, and after thinking about it, I have the following goals:

1. Speak gently (this he decided was not so tangible because I'll not have any visual/written evidence of it, but I think it's a great goal that will effect us all spiritually)
2. Eat healthy and eat out less (totally tangible if I'm ever brave enough to step on the scale- which I'm not- and by the fit of my clothes)
3. Exercise more (this means finding time when children are not climbing on me or screaming at me, I'm not tending to household matters, and hubby doesn't need my attention... ha)
4. Blog weekly (this is my most tangible goal)

There you go! I set my goals loosely because I don't want to get to the end of the year and realize that I haven't reached any of them. I guess you'll be able to read/see more on this blog for the next year, and keep me accountable if I'm slacking off on it. I did decide that picture posts count as blogging, but I will try to add some kind of caption to the pictures so you don't have to wonder who all the people in them are and you know what we're doing in them! I hope you enjoy my return to the writing realm, and hopefully I'll be a little more creative in what I'm posting.

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