Sunday, August 24, 2008

do you really love Jesus?

On Fridays I go shopping with my sister Meredith and nephew Quinn. This past week we were coming home from the stores, and Quinn asked to hear the "Aunt Donna Song" which is what he calls "Oh! How I Love Jesus" on my cousin Tyrone Wells' CD. We usually end up listening to it a few times and all singing it together. Quinn is so amazing- he will say all the words to the song, including the parts for Tyrone, his dad, and Grandma Ruth.

My sister and I were talking, and from the back seat we hear, "Mom, do you love Jesus?"

"Yes, Quinn I love Jesus," Meredith replied.

More talking between Meredith and myself, then I realized that he was addressing me, "Aunt Court, do you love Jesus?"

"Yes, Quinn, I love Jesus," I said back.

"Do you really love Jesus?" He finished the verse.

"Yes I really love Jesus!" I am amazed that even a little child knows that Jesus is somebody we love. Of course Quinn won't understand all the sacrifices Jesus made for us for years, but for now he knows that Jesus loves him, and that's good enough reason for him to love Jesus back.

There's Childlike faith for all of you out there. Jesus loves me, and that's good enough reason for me to love Him. In fact, Jesus loves us so much and so wants to glorify the Father that He willingly gave up His own life that we may have the opportunity to have life with Him for eternity. What greater love is there?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

We've Made It!

As of today, we are officially in the second trimester! Yay! Praise God! This week my insurance finally approved a better anti-nausea drug, and I have finally been able to eat a meal or two each day, which is awesome. I will be able to gain a little weight, which is important at this point. I've lost 13lbs so far, so I should end up right back where I started when this is all done.

We had an appointment with the midwife on Tuesday, and weren't able to have an ultrasound, but we did have the chance to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time! That was a new and exciting thing for us. There was some concern about how baby was doing with me being so sick, but he/she has a very strong heartbeat and is doing a great job moving around. I get to stop taking my progesterone this weekend, and then I should start to feel radically better, so hopefully I won't need the nausea medication anymore. All of my restrictions will be over as well, and I'm looking forward to being able to do some things.

As the baby grows, he/she is starting to mess with my sciatic nerve, and causing me a good amount of pain. So while I feel better, I'm limited by what the pain allows my body to do. I'm hoping this doesn't last too long.

We don't have another appointment for a month, which is kind of exciting after having them every week or two for the past couple months. At the next appointment they'll schedule the 20 week ultrasound where we'll find out the sex of the baby. Only six weeks until we know- how time flies!

Our official due date is February 15, so not quite a Valentine's Day baby, which we are fine with! We appreciate all the prayers that have been sent up for us, and ask that you continue to pray for us and baby throughout the pregnancy. We are now in uncharted territory and it's both exciting and a little daunting!