Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Trip to the Park

Weslee on the swing

Ken pushing Weslee on the swing

Ken helping Weslee learn to go down the slide

Weslee on the slide

Ken and Weslee on the play structure

With the atypical winter weather we've been having the past few days, we've taken Weslee to the park a couple times. Last summer he was a little too young to really enjoy the park, but now he's all about the swing and slide! He still isn't sure how to walk around on the bark chips, but he has fun on the play structures. I can't wait to see how he does this summer when he gets walking down a little better.

Where's Weslee?

Weslee loves to play his version of peek-a-boo called "where's Weslee". He'll hide in just about any way he can, and recently he's taken to covering his face to hide. He thinks that if he can't see us, we can't see him, which is very cute.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Charis Babe: Cloth Baby Wipes

Boat cloth wipes for baby boy

Dragonfly Cloth wipes for baby girl

Butterfly cloth wipes for baby girl

Example of the terrycloth reverse of the wipes

After making cloth wipes for Weslee, somebody suggested I make them and sell them, so that's what I've decided to do. I'm calling this little endeavor "The Charis Babe" (charis is Greek for grace), and right now I'm just making these double sided flannel and terrycloth wipes. They are absolutely fantastic for different baby needs. I used them for cloth wipes for diapering, washcloths, and burp cloths. They are soft, absorbent, durable, and pretty cute. I've used Weslee's for over a year now and I've not had any of them break down even with frequent washing.

Right now I'm just working by word-of-mouth, and currently sell them by the half-dozen for $7.50. I haven't figured out shipping costs or anything, but if you know somebody who might be interested, spread the word! Currently I only have the above wipe available, but I am working on more and have fabric for 5 or 6 others that should be up in the next month or so.

Weslee Turns 1

Weslee discovered his balloon before his morning bath on his birthday

Birthday cupcakes, mini milk chocolate cupcakes with blue swirled frosting

Ken helping Weslee open his presents

Birthday bath #2, after the bathroom door was left open and Weslee found the toilet

The day wouldn't be complete without some adult antics- our friend Andy in Ken's giant shoes.

It's amazing to realize that Weslee has been around a whole year now! It seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital having him, and bringing him home for the first time. He's grown so much in the past year, and is a little learning machine. He now walks, runs, talks, and gets into as much trouble as he can!
We are thankful to have such great friends and family who celebrated Weslee's birthday with us. It was a first for us, throwing three parties for a 1-year-old, one for friends and two for family. It was a great weekend for all of us, and we're looking forward to another year with our little guy!

Hoar Frost before the snow storm

The first of 6" of snow we got that day. These big, beautiful snowflakes are what Weslee was looking at in the prior post.

The morning was beautiful with the hoar frost, and the evening was interesting with so much snow in just a few hours, resulting in Ken being hours late getting home from work with the main road into town shut down for a while. We did end up having some terrific chicken and dumpling soup when he finally made it home that night, a perfect way to end the day, and the year.

Snow: The Perfect End to 2009

Weslee's first glimpse of snow

Mom and Weslee in the snow

Walking in the snow

Weslee loved the snow

Contemplating his snowman while tasting some of the white stuff

Belated Christmas Pictures

Opening a present from Grandma and Grandpa Cook

Ken opening my gift to him, an ESV Reformation Study Bible
Weslee and Cousin Sela with Grandma Jessup, Christmas Eve Mexican dinner

Weslee, cousin Quinn and Cousin Sela, Christmas Day

Weslee, Christmas Day