Monday, March 9, 2009

surviving the nights

Weslee is now just over 6 weeks old, and he's growing up so fast! He's now smiling at mom and dad and mimicking faces, as well as making little cooing noises when he's talked to. We have been pretty successful in getting him to sleep in his bassinet, but we have a little ways to go before he sleeps in his room. Hopefully we'll get there in the next couple weeks.

I am thrilled to tell you that Weslee is sleeping 4-5 hours a night, which allows me to get a much needed block of sleep. Napping here and there is just not the same as getting hours of sleep in a row. My milk supply finally seems to be keeping up with him, which is good because he seems to have a sensitivity to formula that gives him a nasty diaper rash whenever we supplement. I'm still hoping we'll get the feeding thing down and won't have to do so much if he can learn to latch and feed efficiently.

We have to keep a close eye on our little guy, because he's been able to roll himself over since birth, and gaining weight has not stopped him from being able to do so. Today he rolled over and wiggled his way to mom when I turned to get on the computer. He didn't want to lay on his own, apparently.

I've posted some pictures, but unfortunately haven't been to get a really great one of Weslee smiling. I keep catching the end of the smiles, which isn't very impressive. Hopefully I'll be able to post some more of his cute facial expressions soon.