Saturday, February 19, 2011

Belated Christmas/Birthday for Weslee

Ken's sister Melissa, her husband Wade, and twins Zachary and Rowan stopped by for a late Christmas/Birthday celebration with us. Weslee loved playing with his cousins, and getting presents with plenty of moving parts!

Weslee's First Basketball Hoop

Grandpa Jessup unwrapping their birthday gift for Weslee
He didn't understand that he needed to wait to shoot a basket until it was fully assembled
Grandpa helping Weslee dunk
Of course, the big boys needed to try it out, too
He shoots, he scores!

Birthday Presents from Mom and Dad

He got a little overzealous with the opening
Mom's choice was alphabet magnets for the fridge
He was a bit more careful with this package
He saw the wheels and decided it should, "Go, Go, GO!" right away
Dad's choice was wooden blocks in a little rolling box... I think the wheels were almost a bigger hit than the blocks!

Weslee's 2nd Birthday Card from Great-Grandma Laurene

Weslee opening his card
He wanted us to read it to him like a book
Showing us the card
And finally, deciding it would be a fun idea to turn the "pages" with his foot.

Weslee's 2nd Birthday

Weslee watching everybody sing "Happy Birthday" to him
Cupcakes! This year's cupcakes were a bigger hit with him than for his 1st birthday.
Ken supervising the cupcake carnage
Giving up on the fork and going with the hands
Weslee and his friends during present time

I still cannot believe that my baby boy is 2 years old! My, how time flies! If you don't believe me, check out the first blog post with pictures of him from January 2009. Such a tiny little guy has grown into a pretty independent and energy-filled toddler. He's so curious about the world, and is often torn between wanting to cuddle with Mom and Dad and wanting to run around discovering things on his own. He's definitely a smart cookie who loves people, loves his animals (dog and cats), and loves just about anything with wheels. Watching him play with his cars or trains and hearing his, "Go, Go, Go!" as they move about is priceless. I have every confidence that he will make a great big brother for Phinehas, once he realizes exactly what a baby is. I'm sure he'll want him to build train tracks with him right away! I can't wait to see how this little boy grows up even more as the years pass, but I am very content to enjoy the times where he still wants to crawl into bed and snuggle with me because I know that it won't last forever. We love you, Weslee!

Family Breakfast at Fat Milo's

Trains now help us get through outings with a sometimes impatient toddler
Weslee and Ken checking out the menu
They have giant pancakes... and Weslee loves them
A very happy (and satisfactorily full) Ken
Weslee enjoyed his breakfast, too

For anybody who passes through the Sherwood area, we fully recommend stopping in Old Town for breakfast at Fat Milo's (named after the family dog). It's a cute little restaurant with great atmosphere and food that tastes home-cooked.

Weslee wants to be like his Dad

Weslee learns to recycle. This is actually a job Mom usually does, but I told him Dad does it, too.
He's very proud of his new skill
Trying to put on a broken pair of Dad's glasses
I told him he doesn't want to have glasses, he wants perfect vision... but it's hard to argue with him when he's this stinkin' cute in them, isn't it?

Christmas 2010

Weslee opening his new Mickey Mouse (who he calls "The Mouse") pj's on Christmas Eve
A car! With all the cars he got, he's set for life.
Ken gets Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening" devotional
Ken helping Weslee figure out wrapping paper
Ken: "How did you know I wanted Valley of Vision?!"
Me: "Who wouldn't want a Puritan book of prayers?!"

November Photots

Weslee loves when Grandpa Jessup lets him ride the horse at Fred Meyer
My dad carving the turkey (my Mom gives him that apron)
Family Photo Fall 2010
Grandma and Grandpa Jessup with grandkids Sela, Quinn, and Weslee

October Photos

At the Greek Festival
Weslee hyped up on sugar at the Greek Festival

Weslee as Martin Luther (complete with the 95 Theses) at the church Fall Family Festival