Sunday, January 18, 2009

cloth wipes

Cloth wipes
Jungle print with white terrycloth
Blue and yellow dots with blue terrycloth

I decided that I would make my own baby wipes because Ken and I are going to do cloth diapering. It just didn't make sense to buy wipes that need their own trash can when I could make reusable wipes for a fraction of the cost and throw them in the wash with the diapers. I think I got 80+ wipes out of about 6 yards of fabric.

I first sewed them inside out, then righted them all and did a stitch around the edge to keep them closed. I followed a recommendation online and made one side flannel and the other terrycloth to give me a couple of options. I did make two different sizes (the one with the dots is bigger) just in case I need extra cleaning power. They're also great for washcloths!

I've found multiple recipes online for a homemade wipe solution, and I think in the next couple week's I'll try a few and see what I think. If anybody has their own wipe solution and wants to share it with me, feel free!

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