Saturday, January 3, 2009

caterpillar project

In progress
On the wall
Up close

Ken and I have been pretty busy getting everything ready for Weslee's room. One of my bigger projects was painting letters for his name and making a caterpillar to hang on the wall. We're kind of going for an Eric Carle-type theme, but sticking to the very hungry caterpillar. I love the way the author uses colors in his book, and how detailed things are.

This project has actually been going on for months. I made the name when we found out we were having a boy and decided on the name, and have been working all this past week on painting cardboard cake rounds for the caterpillar. Word of advice for those who want to try this and have animals-- cats like the fuzzy balls and pipe cleaners used for the antennae. I spent a couple days trying to find the green fuzzies that the cats had stolen and lost.

Today I finally got around to the hot gluing, and Ken helped me hang the things on the wall in Weslee's room. I can relax a little more now that this project is behind me. Next is the cloth wipes, which I've never made before- wish me luck!

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The Emerson Family said...

Hi Courtney! You are looking great. Congratulations on your son! I am so excitd for you and Ken. No one can tell you how wonderful parenthood will find out soon enough:) What is your email? I would love to chat with you about mommyhood sometime!