Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Well, I survived. I went in at 10am and spent a couple hours being prepped and poked and stuff. I had an adverse reaction to one of the medications, which resulted in something like a panic attack. The staff was quick to sedate me and get me into surgery so they could put me under. I remember going to sleep, and the next thing I knew the nurses were greeting me in the recovery room. I cried before and after, and the nurses all hugged me and held my hand. Most of them had had miscarriages or D&C's themselves, so I felt safe and loved with them.

Ken was there in the room before and after, and he was such an awesome support to me. He held my hand when the nurses collapsed a vein, and when the anesthesiologist found it on the first try (after kindly using lidocaine to numb my hand). He stroked my hair and gave me kisses. It was just so wonderful to have him beside me the whole time.

Andy, our youth pastor and friend, as well as David and Julie- our head pastor and his wife- all came and prayed with us throughout the day. I felt God giving me peace and reassurance. Ken's parents and my parents were there the whole time. I was in the hospital a few hours longer than expected, because I wasn't rehydrating as fast as they thought I would.

We did find out that the baby was 14 weeks old instead of 12, so that puts it in the second trimester, not first. We met with the social worker, and she gave me a journal and book to read, as well as a cute little stone heart to remember the baby by.

We went to my parents' house afterwards, and out to a nice dinner with them and my sis and her family. I was happy to be able to eat REAL food after almost 24 hours with almost nothing.

I have a 3-6 week recovery time ahead of me, but I don't feel bad anymore. I was off the meds by Tuesday. Right now I'm just feeling antsy to get back to normal. I really appreciate your continued prayers and support. Thank you so much.

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