Monday, December 7, 2009

My Mornings

I don't know if I'd say that I'm a morning person, but I have certainly been forced to become one if I wasn't already. Weslee is a great sleeper; he sleeps right around 12 hours a night. The funny thing is that he usually goes to sleep around 5pm... which means he's awake before 6am. That means mom is up before 6am each morning, even if she was able to sleep in.
I have to say the mornings redeem themselves when I get to hang out with my little guy. Today Weslee and I got up at 6am and let Ken sleep in. We played a little, then Weslee played while I cleaned the kitchen and made muffins, we snuggled and Weslee fell asleep, and now we are sitting together on the couch. He is carrying on some sort of enlightening conversation with me, which is very cute.
Just us, the Pandora Christmas playlist, and some gusty arctic wind. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this little bundle of joy he Lord has blessed us with?


Steve and Paula said...

Steve says he does not know the family you asked about.
WBC is so huge!! Attendance of well over 1,000 people, and two seperate services.
Plus we have nto been in nearly a year.

Do you ever come up to visit them?
If you do, we will have you over.

Courtney said...

Jody (the husband) is a dentist. I saw that the church was pretty big, so it's not a surprise he doesn't know them.

We haven't been to Alaska since '05, for my grandfather's memorial service. We want to take Weslee up sometime (I really want to take Ken up the Alcan), but I don't know that it will be in the near future. It would be fun to meet you guys, though!