Friday, September 12, 2008

moving right along

I had a great visit with my midwife yesterday. We are 17 weeks 5 days, and baby is doing great! He or she is happily floating around inside, making a challenge when searching for their little heartbeat. When the midwife found it, we were able to listen to the little beats- 150bpm! I also now have reassurance that I am not getting fatter- my uterus is twice the size I thought it was, and as it gets bigger, my organs are shifting higher to make room. So my stomach is visibly popping out now, and it's almost impossible to hide it.

We will be going to the hospital in two weeks for the 20-week high resolution ultrasound. It will be the first time we've been able to see our little one in 6 weeks, and I am looking so forward to it! We will also have the opportunity to find out if we're having a boy or a girl. We haven't decided how much we will share with family/friends, but hopefully there will at least be an announcement about the sex, if not about the name of the baby.

While we're not having anything similar to fall weather, the autumn activities have started up again. I went to the first choir practice of the season last night and really enjoyed it. It's great to have the opportunity to worship with others who love singing for the Lord. Ken is busy planning things as the youth intern, and the pace of life is picking up. I will begin teaching a women's Bible study next week, and am looking forward to the new experience.

Keep reading for more updates, and tune in September 25 for the results of that ultrasound!

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