Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baby Cook: Coming February 2009

Yes, we're pregnant again! I had my 12 week visit today, and everything looks perfect! The baby was moving so much that my midwife had to wait a few minutes to get a clear picture. I'm thinking we'll have a swimmer, since he/she was kicking their legs so much. We were also able to see them wave their little hand!

I decided to wait a while to officially announce this pregnancy because we got off to a rocky start. There were a few weeks where I had spotting and cramping due to a subchorionic bleed in the uterus. Rarely bleeds can lead to miscarriage if they get too close to the baby, so we had a lot of ultrasounds to monitor everything closely. I was also put on Prometrium, a form of progesterone, to help prevent miscarriage.

At the 9 week appointment there was no visible bleed, and the baby kicked and wiggled for us! It was very exciting to get to see movement, and to see a strong heartbeat at the ultrasounds. I always have my midwife point out the heart, just to make sure.

I've been sick as all getout this pregnancy, probably due to the increased progesterone from the medication. They finally put me on a prescription anti-nausea drug last week, but so far it isn't helping much. Looks like I'll be toughing it out for the next couple weeks. I've lost 10lbs so far (8 in the past 3 weeks) and have been told that I need to increase my fluid intake because the amniotic fluid is a little low. Luckily, my midwife doesn't care what kind of fluids it is at this point, so I will be trying everything since liquids make me sick.

I have another appointment in two weeks (week 14) just as a precaution, and then we should be on a more normal schedule, with only monthly check-ups and an ultrasound at 20 weeks to find out the sex of the baby. Ken and I really appreciate your prayers right now, since we're right around the time we lost Ahlai, and it's a little stressful for us for the next couple weeks. I will be very happy to see our little one swimming around at the next ultrasound!