Monday, June 29, 2009

Pasta Substitutions

I have been trying to figure out food for a while. Having the same things week after week gets old, even if it tastes good. I love my lasagna (and so does everybody else) but I get tired of so much pasta, lol. A couple weeks ago Ken brought home some yellow squash and zucchini so I served it as the veggie part of a pasta meal- yes, pasta again. I love summer because it means we get to grill all our chicken, and that's just yummy!

Pasta with grilled chicken and squash

I got a crazy idea after doing the first meal... I thought about how "healthy" people (those who don't eat pasta 24/7 like us poor married couples) substitute veggies for pasta in dishes. Then I connected just how cheap squash is in the summertime... so I decided squash would sub for pasta at a meal. I might have been crazy trying it the first time we've had a house guest since Weslee arrived, but I pulled it off somehow. I cooked up diced tomatoes with onion, garlic and seasonings for the sauce and sauteed strips of yellow squash for the "pasta". The chicken is lemon dill, and is cooked in tin foil on the grill. Both Ken and his sister (and me) were pleasantly surprised that the meal actually tasted good... instead of being "just edible" like Ken had been wary of, apparently. So squash will now be a staple in our meals!

Grilled chicken with sauteed squash and homemade tomato sauce

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