Saturday, May 23, 2009

some spare time

I noticed that I haven't blogged in almost three months! We've been so busy around here that I just haven't had much time to sit down and write things. So I'll try to give a short update and then hopefully blog on a more regular basis.
We're still working with Weslee on his feeding issues. The tongue clipping didn't solve his latch problem. We recently were referred to an occupational therapist, who has determined that he has a sucking disorder. His muscles aren't developed enough to latch onto a breast, and when he gets tired he has trouble latching onto a bottle, as well. We are doing exercises with him to help him realize that he needs to use those muscles.
Our little boy sure is getting big! At his 4 month visit he weighed 14lbs 6.5oz and was 23" long. He can sit assisted now, and sit unassisted for a few seconds. He also loves to chatter with people. He's a big flirt!
I'm going to post several picture blogs so people can see how he's developed over the past little while. Somebody recently pointed out to me that you know you're behind on blogging when your mom reminds you to write (and my mom doesn't even blog).

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