Monday, October 29, 2007

deep waters

Ok, Sunday at church our pastor had a really cool analogy of us clinging to Jesus, so I thought I would share it:
When kids learn to swim, their parents put the little floaties on their arms and help them into the shallow end. Dad swims down to the deep end, and his little girl paddles around in the shallow end for a while. She starts to get afraid, and says, "Daddy, I want to swim to you." She paddles her way to the deep end and clings to her father's neck, feeling safe at last. Though she was only in a few feet of water in the shallow end, she would rather be in the deep and more dangerous water with her father than alone in the shallow end. So it is with us as Christians- we should long to be in deep with Jesus instead of living a shallow life alone.
Pastor David Case
Newberg Christian Church

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thiakantner said...

Ahh! I Love this! What an insightful quote! Thanks for sharing!